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Our game devs won the VRHACKATHON – STUTTGART with Unity

Philipp ZentnerPhilipp Zentner

WHOOP WHOOP. Our game devs Daniel Schukies and Elias Steurer won JumpingLlamas VRHACKATHON – STUTTGART 2016. Congrats!

Daniel and Elias have been working on our Unity as well as our Unreal Plugin (soon to be released) for stomt. The goal was to create a VR (Virtual Reality) Game within the short amount of three days. They had to choose between two game engines: Unity or Unreal. They went for Unity.


Elias Steurer (third from the left) and Daniel Schukies (first from the right) won the VR Hackathon and are developers @stomt

The game they wrote is called “Wrekt”. You as a dirty ol’ pirate has to rescue yourself from your sunken pirate ship. You’re on a small boat in the middle of the ocean. You’ve lost your team, your boat as well as your precious treasure chests. Try to reach the lighthouse which is not too far away and get safe! Rescue as much of your stuff as possible and beware of the whales. They can and they will flip over your boat and you will sink to the ground like the rest. Make use of the harpune to defend yourself and use the paddles to move forward – all that in a virtual reality!


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