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Collect feedback in-app/game with stomt for Unity3D – Beta Release

Daniel SchukiesDaniel Schukies

App developers and game developers these days have big hurdles to overcome. From idea to product launch a lot of things have to happen. And one of those things is getting feedback, manage it and build a community around your product early on. The problem here is that feedback comes through a lot of channels like E-Mail, reddit, Facebook and so on and to extract feedback from longer texts and reaching out to those persons at a later point can be exhausting or often doesn’t even happen at all. Which is why we built stomt. stomt forces users to break feedback down into single arguments, wishes, by prepending a fix sentence beginning “I wish”, followed by your project as a target (e.g. “stomt”) and a maximum amount of 120 characters. One might argue that this is not enough, but in 99% it is and if you need to add more details for your suggestion, use the comments! stomt is a social network dedicated for feedback, combining feedback with crowdsourcing.

I wish would offer an ingame feedback widget with screenshots for unity and unreal!

stomt should offer a plugin for game engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine

Following this system you get a nice list of constructive feedback which can be voted and discussed with your community. Having one central place for your feedback, where it is accessible for anyone enables you to do proper community building right from the beginning – starting with your own ideas! As we used our own product to build our own product (aka eat your own dogfood) we could optimize the management of thousands of ideas all the way long. For that we have features like labeling (with different colors!), an activity feed and the ability to have multiple users to maintain a stomt profile (Like you know it from Facebook). Need a better example than stomt itself? Take a look at the guys of Empires Of The Undergrowth. They are a great example on how to use stomt, building up a community and reaching out to users once something has been implemented or to explain why it’s not. People can also give feedback anonymously so there is no need to register but their great idea will arrive on your stomt profile anyway.

How to collect feedback in-game with Unity 3D plugin

Collecte feedback in-game or in-app with stomt for Unity

Collecte feedback in-game or in-app with stomt for Unity

Download & Install

Today we are happy to announce the beta version if our stomt Unity 3D plugin that finally allows you to collect feedback right out of your Unity application:!/content/64669

Please find details for the installation on Github where you can also find the full code:

Of course we are happy for anyone who wants to participate and send some pull requests. Actually we have bunch of ideas on stomt and as our API is also public available you’re good to go going fully nuts on how to manage feedback these days.

And of course it is free for all times.

Next steps for the stomt Unity plugin

How about adding a new label for each version behind the scenes? How about a screenshot functionality? Appending error-logs? A better design? We’re working on it.

Short F.A.Q

A few more details about the key concept?

Start channeling! New social media trends are coming all days long. Feedback should be on point and constructive and that won’t change. We’re focusing on that. We’re not another publishing driven network. So link to your profile from existing channels and your webpage, use our website widget to collect feedback from your blog or website and now make use of our Unity plugin to even collect feedback directly in-game or in-app, whatever you’re building.

Why is the feedback public?

A lot of the feedback you get is already public. Want to go back copying public feedback into your excel sheet? It is in general not a good idea to steal ideas regarding your project to apply it on their own project. Risks vs. Benefits: the benefits clearly overweight. Public feedback management allows your community to participate in the development process. And today community building is key to success.

Is it really for free?

Yes, until you’re a brand and even then you can start for free. But perhaps you should contact us to make sure how to implement all this at scale – feel free to contact us:

Is stomt only for apps and games?

Nope, stomt is for any kind of organisation, project or person. Right now we’re focusing on Youtube and games.