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Get early access to our iOS and Android beta (+ use-cases)

Philipp ZentnerPhilipp Zentner
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Wish for anything on stomt

Finally, after a lot of prototyping and sorting things out, collecting over 2000 wishes, feedback and ideas, we released beta versions of our apps. You can find us on Android and iOS. We are currently focusing on serving businesses with the core USP of collecting wishes, managing them and merging duplicates. So this is still not an official launch.

Check out our apps and give constructive feedback on their stomt-pages.

Get the beta versions (available in German and English)

Download stomt in Google Play Store – give feedback on stomt-Android on stomt.

Get your hands on stomt (iTunes App Store) – let us know on stomt-iOS on stomt.

3 successful (and different) use-cases for stomt

To get an idea how stomt can be used at scale, please checkout the following use-cases:

  1. stomt – It took over 2000 wishes to build stomt and build something our users really want.
  2. Empire Of The Undergrowth – a Kickstarter game that successfully develops its game community driven.
  3. Elektrisiert – A German Youtube-Channel about E-Mobility using stomt to create a stronger tie with the community. A strongly crowdsourced youtube-channel.

We will talk about those use-cases in detail in the upcoming weeks. We also have a lot of exciting projects and businesses in the pipeline. Stay tuned and in the meanwhile… wish for a better world!


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