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How to use STOMT without (game) integrations

Philipp ZentnerPhilipp Zentner

Like stated in “How to roll-out STOMT in large-scale projects”, there are many different ways to start using STOMT. In this article we want to focus on getting started with your STOMT page without having to talk to your developers.

Your STOMT page

The most obvious one is to drive traffic to your general STOMT page. You would just send out an e-mail campaign or use other communication channels like social media to ask your community for wishes, ideas and feedback. Since you’ve created a page for your game, this is easily down.

If you want to link to your STOMT page from your own website and need some graphics for it, please make use of our provided branding guidelines and assets.

Campaigns | Crowdsourcing vs. Polling

Campaigns come in two modes: 1st in crowdsourcing mode, whereby a STOMT-form is displayed and which allows you to collect feedback and ideas, 2nd in polling mode, whereby it’s not possible to add any more stomts, but you can vote and discuss what’s already there.

How to create crowdsourcing campaigns with STOMT

How to create crowdsourcing campaigns with STOMT

Here is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to your game’s page
  2. Click on the campaign-symbol on the top right of your page
  3. Create a new campaign and add title and description to ask for feedback and wishes in a specific direction.
  4. Start sharing your campaign URL. You can optionally create a short-URL for your campaign.

Campaigns are essentially label-feeds, that means you can easily add existing stomts to a campaign by just giving it the campaign-label, which will be created automatically. You can then again use the label symbol on the right side to display the label and re-label stomts  or remove the label from stomts that simply doesn’t fit the category.

A typical engagement flow for your community could look like this:

  1. Start a campaign in crowdsourcing mode and collect stomts
  2. Send out an e-mail campaign and use your social channels to communicate your campaign
  3. Once you have enough stomts, turn the campaign from crowdsourcing- into polling mode
  4. Go into the stomt filter system, filter stomts after campaign label and remove the campaign label from stomts that are not good enough, so that the campaign only contains relevant stomts.
  5. Send out the same campaign again and let people vote and discuss the best ideas
  6. Once certain stomts make it on your roadmap, share them specifically to discuss ideas in detail

Did you know? We in average get 20x times more engagement on our label-feeds than contests on reddit. (Based on our customer’s feedback)

Direct STOMT-links | Ask to discuss a specific wish

By clicking on a stomt you can open its detail view. You can then use the stomt URL to share it or click on the short-URL symbol on the upper left of the detail view in order to get the stomts short-url. Nice benefit: Each stomt gets rendered as image and thereby plays nicely with any social media platform that preloads external links, like for example Discord, Facebook and Twitter do it.

You can use that to not only get votes on a really specific idea but also to get a specific topic discussed. Please be aware that in order to leave a comment, you have to sign up first. While we allow wishes and and votes without registration, we want to keep the comment section clean of junk. It’s easier for us to deal with spam on stomt-level.

Btw: We encourage companies to use STOMT also for their own ideas. That also allows you to discuss whatever currently is on your roadmap.

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