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Get started with STOMT for business in 3 steps

Philipp ZentnerPhilipp Zentner

Today we will show you how easy it is to setup an account for STOMT.

First of all, you should understand the basic system of how STOMT works. At it’s core, STOMT is a social network. Why? Because we want you to interact with your customers and potential customers in a social environment built on simplicity, transparency and trust to make it convenient for everyone.

1. Register as a user

You know this principle from Facebook. First, create a user account, then, create a page for your business. That way you can easily manage multiple projects without the hassle to logout and login all the time. To register as a user, go to our sign-up page. 

2. Create a STOMT page for your business

After signing up and login, you can find a “Create new page” button, in the left navigation-bar. Just click on it, and create your business page in two simple steps!

Pick a category for your project

3. Integrate STOMT in your touchpoints

STOMT is not just a product, it’s a strategy. So don’t wait for people discovering your profile. Ask for feedback and wishes, all the time. Only that way you can channel any kind of impulse, prevent bad reviews and get the chance to build long-lasting relationships. It also give you more control about electronic word-of-mouth.

Here are some ideas, depending on your kind of business:

Link to your profile (especially useful as local service)

You don’t want to put your 30th sticker on your front-door. Otherwise, let us know.

Create a table-top and communicate your STOMT-profile to your community:{businessname} You can also encourage them to download our app through those handy links: and

Integrate us on your website

Nothing is easier than that. Just follow the guideline. It will take you two minutes!

Integrate us in your apps

There are integrations for your apps for iOS and Android. If that is not simple enough, please let us know.

Communicate us

Last but not least, use your existing social channels and emails to communicate that you’re using us. You can also guide people to our STOMT-creation page instead of your profile and set your profile as default-target for the STOMT-creation process:{your username}

Let us know what you’re missing by wishing for it:

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